Walk in the Daintree Rainforest

We have a bush walk that goes around the boundary of the property; a nice introduction to the Daintree Rainforest,

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which is rather impenetrable otherwise. You will be amazed by the variety of bird life, insects, butterflies and the lush tropical vines and variety of trees. During you visit here watch out for Cassowaries, orange-footed scrub fowls and goannas. You can check out creeks for turtles, jungle perch and fresh water crayfish. Explore three distinctly different board walks. Why not join a locally guided day walk or a night walk. The Daintree Discovery Centre offers multiple entry to their wealth of information; climb the tower, listen to the multi-language audio guide and enjoy the aerial walk way. Go horse riding, enjoy locally made ice creams, check out the Daintree Tea booth, book your Exotic Fruit Tasting, join the Jungle Surfers or go right off road with guided 4WD tours to Bloomfield Falls or even Cooktown. We have exceptional cafes and restaurants here in unique settings to look after you for lunch and dinner. Cow Bay has the only pub north of the Daintree River, featuring the longest continuous timber bar. There are galleries and even a museum with a collection of jungle bugs and butterflies. Anyone who likes to see a Salt water Crocodile in the wild can book guided boat trips on Cooper Creek and the Daintree River. Amazing scenery and wild life!!